I was really excited for our weekend date. I waited for my boyfriend, who promised me that he will pick me up. It took me a couple of hours to have the nerve to call him up and find out what was wrong. He answered the phone but he sounded really depressed. He told me that he did not want to see me for the meantime until he finds a way to get rid of his unsightly skin condition. I did not bother to ask him anymore question that time. Instead, I went to his place to find out what was really wrong. When I got to his room, he was wearing a turtle neck shirt and he’s covering his face using a handkerchief. He asked me to get out but I insisted to stay until I find out what’s wrong with him. I tried my best not to laugh when I learned that it was all about the skin tags on his face and neck Read more. Thankfully, he did not get mad at me with me when I told me that skin tag is not something that he should be very bothered about. I explained to him that we will find the most effective way on how to remove skin tags and he will soon have his flawless skin back.

Skin Tags and Electrocautery

I am about to get married in a couple of weeks. My bridal gown is ready and my groom looks more handsome. However, there is still one thing that is bothering me. I have skin tags on my face and I have to get rid of it in a weeks’ time. I already browsed the internet to search on how to remove skin tags but all I saw was usage of topical solutions. I am not a fan of topical solution products. My skin is very sensitive. I had countless experience with topical solutions and all of these encounters were a failure. I cannot afford to have skin redness or itching now that my wedding is fast approaching. I need to find a skin removal procedure that will not leave a blemish on my face. I am aiming at becoming the most beautiful woman on the day I will tie the knot and having spots on my face will surely hinder me from achieving this goal. I am thinking of availing of electrocautery from the country’s most trusted skin care clinic. Although I will surely have black spots on my face after this procedure, it will not take a long time to fall off.

Skin Tag Formation Brought About By Weight Gain

After giving birth to my first child, I had a hard time regaining my lost confidence. I gained a lot of weight and my previously admired figure went away. Even my husband can tell that my old confident self has vanished. But now that taking care of my baby no longer takes too much of my time, I am planning to prettify myself again. I would like to begin this pursuit by educating myself on how to remove skin tags. Hanging skin emerged on my facial area and neck. I was not alarmed when I first saw these tags because these were hardly visible back then. But a few days ago, when I checked on these tags, it cannot be denied that they are more noticeable now More Info. I was told that skin tags occur when someone abruptly gained weight. I am thinking of consulting with my dermatologist to know which options are best in eliminating hanging skin. I have too much trust for this doctor because she was able to give solution to all my skin problems back then. My skin is also sensitive but she manages to prevent it from becoming irritated even when she has to apply a topical solution on it.


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